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What is OFTEC?

Replacing the former Domestic Oil Burner Equipment Testing Association (DOBETA) in 1991 the OFTEC role was to write new technical standards and training manuals and to provide a focus for the industry. As this was achieved, OFTEC’s task extended into promoting the oil-fired heating and cooking sector. In 2002 OFTEC became the first oil competent persons scheme licensed by government and was awarded the First OFTEC Awards for Excellence.

OFTEC establishes the standards for the domestic oil heating and cooking industry. OFTEC ensures the quality of people and businesses working within the area. The association helps to mould the future of the oil- fired equipment industry in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

OFTEC has a vision, they are striving to be the leading trade association for the liquid fuel heating and cooking sector, and technician registration body for renewable heating technologies, solid fuel and liquid fuel. They do this by providing solutions for OFTEC members and consumers.

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Why You Should Use an OFTEC Accredited Heating Engineer

OFTEC accredited heating engineers have the correct training to work on oil-fired equipment. This is important for environmental, safety and economic reasons. They make sure that you can deliver and use fuel without waste. OFTEC offers technicians the highest levels of training, continuous assessments of their skills and ensures technicians are up to date with new technology.

An OFTEC technician has fully training in the following areas:

  • Installing domestic oil-fired appliances for heating or cooking
  • Installing domestic renewable heating appliances (heat pumps and solar thermal) including MCS registration
  • Commissioning and servicing oil-fired boilers, cookers and associated equipment
  • Installing oil tanks or other equipment associated with oil-fired appliances
  • Installing central heating and hot water systems (including unvented hot water)
  • Specifying oil heating systems
  • Carrying out work under the PAS 2030 scheme

Benefits Of Having Oil Based Heating Systems

The use of oil as a fuel is truly efficient. The return you get on your money is quite satisfactory. Statistics show that using an oil-based heating system can save up to 90% energy as well as meeting the standards set by the National Standards Agency. Furthermore, even the storage tanks where you heat the oil last a long time. This adds to the overall efficiency of the system.

However, there was a time when using oil was argued to be more expensive than using gas. But, over recent years, there has been a price drop of oil for home heating. Due to oil being much more efficient, homeowners tend to get much more value for money.


Gas leaks don’t happen that often but when they do they can be extremely dangerous. Gas definitely doesn’t have the best of reputations when it comes to safety. An exposed flame from a gas system can lead to significant damage and health risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Another risk of using gas is that it can form invisible fumes which can sometimes be impossible to detect. However, using an oil-based system is much safer and does not have the same level of risk associated with it. Any problems with an oil-based system can be noticed quickly meaning that you can rectify problems that arise immediately.

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