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Importance Of Using An OFTEC Registered Engineer

By 4 March 2020March 27th, 2020No Comments

Using an OFTEC registered engineer for all oil boilers is essential for the safety and condition of your boiler. If you fail to use an OFTEC registered engineer, it could lead to short and long-term problems for your boiler and therefore expensive repairs or replacements.

Spring Heating and Plumbing Ltd are fully qualified and OFTEC registered engineers. This should give you full assurance in our team when working with any oil boilers.

Oil Boiler Installation

There are several oil boiler models that are available and regardless of the model you choose, an OFTEC registered engineer should always be used. Oil boilers are less common than gas boilers however, they are still a fantastic option for every property.

All new boilers should be installed safely and by a qualified team to ensure the boiler has fantastic durability. For a long-lasting boiler, your installation must be completed correctly. This will prevent regular repairs being needed and ensures with any servicing, you shouldn’t have to make repairs too often.

Oil Boiler Servicing

Similar to your installation, without an OFTEC registered engineer, you are not ensuring the highest level of safety with your oil boiler servicing. As OFTEC registered engineers have been trained correctly, this ensures all servicing identifies any current faults with the boiler and that a quick solution is found so this problem does not continue.

Oil boilers should always maintain a high standard to ensure they are safe to use and they offer the highest possible efficiency. The best way to achieve this is to use fully qualified engineers when having servicing or repairs to your oil boiler.

What Is OFTEC?

OFTEC stands for Oil Firing Technical Association, helping businesses using oil heating and cooking appliances. To work with oil boilers, being an OFTEC registered engineer is essential to ensure anyone handling the boiler is fully trained with all oil appliances.

By employing someone who is OFTEC registered, this gives you complete peace of mind that staff members can competently install, service, repair and replace all oil boilers. This also means they will comply with the relevant building regulations and manufacturers installation requirements. Regardless of what oil boiler model you have or want installed, an OFTEC registered engineer should be fully capable of providing the service you require.

If you choose against an OFTEC registered engineer, even if this is a cheaper option, it could mean oil boilers and appliances do not offer the performance or condition you should have.

Why Use An OFTEC Registered Engineer?

OFTEC recommend that any oil boiler or oil fired appliances are serviced at least once a year, for all manufacturers and models. There are several reasons that a regular service will be required, including:

  • Excessive Smoke & Burnt Fuel Deposits
  • Glazed Photocells
  • Oil Nozzle Efficiency
  • Worn Electrodes

A regular oil boiler service should deal with any of these issues. If excessive smoke or burnt fuel deposits is an issue, it could cause soot to form in your boiler heat exchange, lowering the amount of heat that is transferrable. A service will ensure the heat exchange is cleaned to improve efficiency. Similarly, your oil nozzle can also wear over time and begin to cause soot within the heat exchanger. With a replacement oil nozzle, this should maintain your oil boilers efficiency.

An OFTEC registered engineer will also deal with both electrodes and photocells. If they are in poor condition, it could lead to a lower boiler efficiency and random breakdowns of your boiler. Someone who is OFTEC registered will be able to deal with this problem quickly to restore the original condition of your boiler.

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